• The simple yet effective way way the HeartACT Approach's 9 Pillars of Emotional Resilience principles allows you to master your life choices.............

  • Why unhealthy stress, anxiety and depression engulfs individuals.

  • Do you feel like no matter what you do, nothing gets you out of the 'spinning plates' cycle. That stress is just a way of life you have 'come accustomed to' as your 'norm'!

  • How you can de-stress and create the new 'norm' you thrive for.

  • Why being where you are today is the best place from which to THRIVE

  • How you can incorporate these breakthough principles into everyday life, no matter at what point you are at right now. So you can Choose Life, Choose Freedom, Choose You

Right NOW

and that is just the beginning.............
"How overstretched career women can start to strengthen their emotional resilience to thrive in their life using the

9 Pillars of Emotional Resilience"
Finally career women like you can find freedom from the struggles of mastering the habits of making daily life choices. Ensuring a serene balanced lifestyle to thrive on your own terms  
Introducing Your HeartACT presenter:

Debbie Debonaire
" I love finding career women who are desperate to change their lives.Just like I was. 

After working with many career women I know that you have struggles, frustrations and feeings of failure, stress and anxiety when it comes to finding that serene balance.

Together on this one of a kind training we will work together to finally take the steps to solve these and give you the "9 Pillars of Resilience" principles to ensure you get  more serene balance, easily and affordably. 

I cannot wait to see you on the training and show you these principles to ensure you have the tools to create your new "norm"

In This 45 Minutes 'No cost ' Online Training You Will Discover.................
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